21 to 23 September

Hash Away Weekend

pdf Here's the latest PDF version of the event diary.

You should check the link above for details but the current highlights include:


Hard core bikers. Possibly doing this route from Alan


Pic of Map


8> Evening meal .
Evening meal . Yob has made a provisional booking for 20 at the India Rasoi, 8:30pm. If you want to join us, please let him know (email on download) so he can confirm the number. Otherwise make own arrangement. Bar afterwards, Mad Hatter, or if too noisy or beer crap, The Marlborough Arms.

10:15-11:45 Hashopoly.

Meeting place. See map on download.
Bring writing implements and cameras. Prize for
best FRB and SCB. Note the later start time to
allow attendance at the Park Run (starts 9am).

14:00-17:00 Alan’s Chain Gang or do your own thing.

Meet at tbc. Remember to bring a bike or you will be

19:30 till late Function room at the Bees Knees, GL7 1LF, for
an evening’s entertainment with Audrey and friends.

Meal. Bring your own food. Landlord is happy with this. Best you buy booze at the pub as the function room is gratis.

10:00-11:30 Hash with Yob.

Meeting at GO (see map on download)
Hangovers optional. Running essential.

that check out time at the Barrel Store is 10am. 

The bunkhouse is this one : New Brewery

Booking is slightly complicated this year. Here's a document from the GM explaining it all...