Friday 18 to Sunday 20 September 2020

Hash Away Weekend XXXX

Bash XXXX (2020)

The results of the date poll were:

Sep 12: 13
Sep 19: 20
Sep 26: 18
Oct 3: 14

In the past, I have suggested going back to locations we have previously visited, or staying for more than 2 years at a given site. Neither was met with enthusiasm.

A small number of site suggestions were made known to me, some of which have potential for the future, and one in particular, for next year. A straw poll, canvasing this site, was received very
favourably, so I have gone with Littlehampton, for the weekend Friday Sep 18 to Sun 20.

It is 75 miles away, 2 hours (on a good day) and by the sea, which opens up opportunities, for messing about in the water.
There is a campsite and a motorhome site, both pretty close to the centre.

There is a YHA right on the sea front.

I have checked room availability. When I rang to check that the booking website was up to date, all rooms bar one 3 bed, were available.

Please make your own booking arrangements for all accommodation.

If you want to book into the YHA, but you are not part of a larger group, please let me, or Sooper know. We will maintain a list of like minded, or like bodied, people with whom you can make

I hope that you can make that weekend. If it is as good as Cirencester, it should be a great time.