Date : 14/05/13
Hare : Crazy , Steady
Scribe : Sam
Hounds : 25     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 10.06 km
Recorded time : 77.85 min
Uphillness : 612.00 ft

Wow, what to say? Great to see the hash continuing strong. First,thanks Ade for your mention of my name in your hash report from last week. Yes, it is great to be back and get in a few runs with this great group I still can call friends. OK, let's not get too mushy here. After all, it wasn't you that brought us back to the UK this time, nor was it the weather but none other then our lovely grand daughter Emilia Martha Wuermli, born Apr 30, 13 (see photo).

So, what about the hash yesterday I'm supposed to write about? Well, the problem is, as Ade mentioned, I'm a grand daddy now and can't remember any details. Thanks for welcoming me back with the honour of writing the hash report. Even the weather cooperated in making this a true English hash. I'm very thankful to Gerry for giving me a lift, or is that a ride? as even he had trouble finding the pub and the way home after the run! So don't feel bad if you did end up at the wrong pub first. I would still be driving around looking for the pub or finding my way home. Amazing how lost you can get in a little space like this when in relations to Alberta I would have had to drive five times the distance.

As I had a hard enough time to stay upright, which I know not everybody else did, I didn't pay much attention to what was going on around me but I did hear some stories about not finding the pub, getting locked out of the house and therefor being late, having to catch up which never happened and looking like rolling in the mud.

I was glad to have my GPS working this time to find out how many times we crossed the same trail. Could have fooled me there, I had no idea where we were and I'm sure I wasn't the only one!


STD Corner ..a semi-regular column
Matthew (who whishes to remain anonymous)

"Once more, STD Corner has fallen foul of legal machinations. The 'anonymous' author of this column was locked in a meeting with lawyers over the draft of this week's 'STD Corner', and as a result, was unfortunately unable to attend last week's hash.

Ms. McGovern was (again) alleged to have made a sound at the bar approximating to a 'downstairs gurgle' [note : per last week's STD Corner, a 'gurgle' is Ms McGovern's equivalent of a 'burp', although for legal reasons, it is not a 'burp', not at all....well, it is a bit really]. Ms. McGovern would once again like to make it clear that she is physically incapable of 'downstairs gurgling', and it must have been a squeaky shoe. Or Ade. No, on second thoughts, it was definitely Ade.

Normal service might be resumed again next week. Then again, it might not, pending legal advice.

Thanks to Kevin for having a birthday when I was here. Very thoughtful of you even if you are 11 years younger then me! Thanks for the sweets and of course a great thank you to the land lord for the spread of food he put on. Had a nice chat with him about Canada before leaving. Thanks to Mark for noticing my new shorts! Running all these races I have a closet with hundreds of shirts but the shorts have to last for ever!

Any body looking for a vacation destination? Calgary in July for Stampede week is a great place. We do have a guest bedroom. Or you can enter a team into our Race to 2025 adventure race in September. Thanks again and who knows when we will be back again.