Date : 15/04/14
Hare : Crazy , Steady
Hounds : dunno     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 6.36 km
Recorded time : 65.67 min
Uphillness : 309.00 ft

Our normal melée of disorganized people, dogs, vehicles & traffic jams assembled in front of the White Horse Hedgerley for Hedgerley Bluebells April 2014yet another pre-laid trail for the purpose of either a run/jog/walk through our goooorjus bluebell-peppered countryside.
Apparently, or so we were reliably informed, the long route was going to be 5.7 miles whilst the short would be 3.4 miles… ha, we'll see!!

We headed off down Village Lane & proceeded up Hedgerley Hill to an immediate false trail … Oh this was how they proposed it eh? *rant to self, why do I never keep an eye on the hares?* A call "on back" & the correct route took us along Kiln Lane where we dropped down into Kiln Wood.

A brief pop out onto Andrew Hill Lane then back into Footpath Wood heading east towards Hedgerley Hill. From there we continued down to the crossroads of One Pin Lane, Parish Lane & Collum Green Lane where the 'on on' was called & we all scurried along Collum Green Lane to the long/short split… hurrah !

Hedgernley Bluebells April 2014For us Shorties we turned left on a footpath opposite Gypsy Lane & took a moderate traipse across a field to Hedgerley Park & up into Hanging Wood.

Once the other side of Hanging Wood we meandered across another field & into Church Wood where we sauntered a while to take in the bluebells that were absolutely striking & in full flower .

Church Wood & the Bluebells done & seen we were soon on Village Lane & into the pub where I'd clocked 3.8 miles. Ok not too far from the 3.4 miles you originally stated hares!

Being on the Short route I assume (cos I had a shufti at the map Alan gave me) that the rest of you were directed South off Collum Green Road through Stoke Wood & over to Stoke Common… I hate it over there, it's always so swampy! Then up to The Pickeridge, Hedgerley Park & back the way us Shorties came in through a dusky Church Wood where you probably didn't see any Bluebells. 

Thanks Alan & Sandra for a great & very pretty hash.

I also hope most of you took out a bank loan to cover the cost of a round of drinks at the pub, we ordered 2 pints of lime & soda + 2 pints of beer for the handsome sum of £14 !!!!

Thanks also to Alan, Sandra & Alex for the superb array of posh nosh.