Date : 04/04/17
Hare : Barney
Scribe : Crazy
Hounds : 32     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 8.19 km
Recorded time : 108.55 min
Uphillness : 282.41 ft

So déjà vu, back at the same pub, the only difference on the drive there was all the ‘road ahead closed’ signs form West Wycombe. Gerry did the honours in the absence of Roger (who was sneaking a last-minute ski trip), and Barny said GO or words to that effect, and go we did. The flour was found and quite a large group started up the hill, exactly as we had done a fortnight before. We soon discovered it was a bit too similar, even to the using of the old markings oops!

A second On On was heard and so we all back tracked to head off in the opposite direction. The hash spread out as we forged our way up the road splintering further at the multiway check. The way was eventually found and we returned across the fields to the main road. A slight delay for the route to be found again and we headed off following the road. An on back had us wondering what the bright light was far off in the distance down the road, is it a car? is it a bike? it must be a walker being that far back. Turning off the road and across another field to the first woods of the evening, other lights where spotted, the hare and his daughter went to investigate. The hash had moved on up through the woods by the time the hare returned, with him a Mexican (I think he had trouble with a wall? Or closed road) and obviously, his ladder bearer Paul who had been delayed collecting said ladder from the previously posted pub. Anyhow with our numbers swelled we carried on, the swelling got to Gerry first, and he returned shortly after to the pub.

The short long split was reached and the only hash hound of the evening Hector turned off with many others, including Matt who was sporting a large rucksack for the evening, which did not he assured us, contain our new hash shirts, chocolate, beer, tea/coffee or helium balloons.

The longs headed off and entered the woods. As the hare had gone short, the flour had faded, and the pack was having to search at junctions to find the checks, it was decided that a head count would be wise. As some people were checking, and some off the back, the counting was a bit tricky varying between 11 and 13, so an even dozen give or take a baker!

We meandered a bit but mainly stayed together and on track coming out on to the road, and found an On Inn. What seemed like miles later the pub was spotted on the horizon and we rushed in for drinks and another feast: chips, roasties, sausages, samosas, spring rolls and cheese filled things. I did my best to try as many as possible realising I was to be scribe, every job has it perks ;)

Thanks Barney for an enjoyable hash