Date : 22/08/17
Hare : Steady , Crazy
Scribe : Moist
Hounds : 39     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 8.26 km
Recorded time : 79.70 min
Uphillness : 516.00 ft

This was the first hash I'd made it to for some months due to injury, but Im glad to see that very little has changed with the introductory rambling, and Mike's interruptions. Crazy Alan introduced the run confusing the pack by giving the length in kilometres and promising a hilly run (which we guessed was not likely to be the case). A somewhat unenthusiastic start was led by Ade who was heard to complain that he was tired (and emotional?) following a weekend of excess at the V Festival where his son (and HW3 hasher) Kye was headlining. We ambled away through the houses, admiring Alan's volcano like mounds of flour, to cross the main road and into the park near the centre of Stoke Poges village. Here some of the younger (minded) hashers couldn't resist a quick run on the zip wire doing, it has to be said, much better than Boris Johnson's infamous attempt. I used to run quite a bit around here, and was sad to see The Dog and Partridge pub is now a housing estate!

We carried on through the village and then turned onto South Bucks golf course. This used to be called Farnham Park but was re branded when the new and impressive club house was built 3 or so years ago. Luckily there were no golfers to trouble us as we followed the footpaths on a big and pointless loop. Alan and Sandra's local knowledge helped us to find a route back across the open common land back to Stoke Poges and then toward Stoke Park. It was around here we noticed that Kevin and Elvis “had left the hash” taking deputy hare Sandra with them. We later found that they had gone back to Sandra and Alan's for a rest and a shower before meeting us back at the pub. Kevin insisted it was Elvis and not him that needed a rest!.

Soon the short cutters (including your injured scribe) said farewell and (I'm told) the long cutters headed toward the famous Stoke Poges church, scene of Thomas Grey's “Elegy Written in A Country Churchyard” written in 1751 (according to Wikipedia).

At the end of the run estimates were 3.5miles for the short and 4.5 for the long – very civilised! Back in the pub Roger thanked our hares and awarded them the accolade of the flattest hash of the year (so far). We also celebrated Livvy's birthday (thanks for the chocolates!) and, much to his annoyance also sang happy birthday to Aaron. Roger awarded shirts to Aaron for 200 runs and to Sandra for 250. Thanks to Alan and Sandra and I hope to be back with the hash in less than 2 months time!