Date : 23/10/18
Hare : Barney
Hounds : 51     Dogs : 4
Recorded distance : 10.03 km
Recorded time : 74.10 min
Uphillness : 1620.00 ft

The moon was full and bright
In Wendover last night.
There were lots of hashers,
Ready to be dashers.
They set off the wrong way
'Til Barney did say
“This is the way”.
Off to the station
What a commotion!
Through the streets
What a treat.
Here’s the canal
It was very dark
Did Summer bark?
Did she go in?
Did she swim?
(Yes or no?)
There was a cat
Not in a hat!
Wanted to join in
Did she win?
(Yes or no?)
Up up the hill
Where was Rob?
Getting on with the jog?
At the top
In a very weird spot
There was a lot
Of gym kit.
Are we fit?
(Yes or no?) 

Over the top 
(Highest point in Chilterns) 
We cannot stop! 
The owl did hoot 
Watch that root! 
Down the road 
With church bells ringing
Things 1 and 2 were singing
(One man went to mow).
There's a check on a cow pat 
The longs trail of lights  
Were shining bright 
So thing 1 and thing 2  
Made a dash.
Lucky it wasn’t  
A muddy hash! 
Back at the pub 
Before the longs 
We beat the queue