Date : 29/03/11
Hare : Mr Chips , Judy
Scribe : Rocky Road
Hounds : 28     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 10.80 km
Recorded time : 93.10 min
Uphillness : 499.00 ft

I hope the ed will run this threw his spell chequer as am writing in haste.............

Have wee eva disgust flower? Flower is very important two hashers. Without flower we no knot wear to go. Now eye favour TES co’s flower as Saints berries is very lumpy and sticks in the bottle. How do ewe get it threw the bottle neck without scattering it awl over yore kitchen! Judy obviously has a grate dispenser as her blobs whirr brilliant so eye am tolled by the short ties. Mike did pretty well with his arrows but only won F was two bee found witch lead too much confusion amongst the longs, who went up the hill and down again like the Grand Old Duke.

After a sprinkling of reign it turned out to bee a calm and dry evening, with even a few minutes day lit to kick us off. Wee set off across the fields to Grate Miss end den wear the first False caused sum confusion and a less on should have been learnt knot to believe awl Mike’s arrows! Sow their whirr hashers here their and every wear. Sum razed across the car park to rejoin those in the no on the correct path.

Along short split was announced and the longs headed four the church wile the shortcakes went window shopping in Miss end den.

The longs went down passed Miss end den abbey, witch was flood lit, a cross the rode and in to the estate, soon crossing the railway out in two open country.

The write path was found steeply up to the posh Sedges Farm ( a path mist by the longs on hour Full Moon hash!) after playing a nursery rime along the weigh. Wee trotted along the farm drive and took a left witch brought us two an F, an actual F, sew they do exist! Back tracking wee entered At kin's Would.

A well blob bed trail ( was this Judy’s work?) was followed but it suddenly stopped (knot Judy’s!) Their whirr hashers running a round like headless chickens in awl directions, cursing the hair, who miraculously materialised from behind a tree! What was he doing their in the dark!

A cry of On On from far away by And lows Farm spurred us on and the hair joined us, so this must be write. And their to hour surprise were the shortcakes, loitering on a street corner in Pressed Would.

The short ties and sum media went write but eye foolishly followed the longs knot knowing if it was “five or ate miles” as estimated by the hair.

Their was moor confusion in Pressed Would involving back tracking, as the F was missing. Roz and Matt then arrived to give us sum advice. But having arrived late and followed there noses, as the trail was cold, there advice was ignored ( it’s hard to kick out cheques when the flower is stuck to tarmac - sorry eye tried).

Eye hear that they jumped out and surprised ‘walking’ Roger who was leading the shorts!!? So wear had they bean?

With a positive cry of “on on” down a rode to the write, wee awl trotted off happily .

Simon feeling a little peckish, was munching on a leaf and wanted Dick to try it,

“Ugh” says Dick “you don’t no wear its bean”.

“Goon its lovely” .

“ No”.

“MMMM that’s nice “ says Phil humouring Simon, “it tastes like garlic”.

(Little did they no that their was delicious garlic bread at the pub - much tastier).

Another cheque by a posh drive found Paul and myself checking towards a farm wandering if wee whirr in someone’s guard den, but wee found an arrow and called the on and raced ahead of the pack, elated to bee at the front instead of the back, our usual place. Wee found a nice grassy footpath falling gently down hill threw Ring all Would to Ring all Rode.

My comments to Jane about a relaxing jog soon stuck in my throat as wee climbed a mountain and Paul and Eye whirr at the back again. A write turn into a would brought us to some fields and a surprise root across a ploughed field, well marked with arrows.

The On In was spied and with hoops of delight echoing under the bridge, wee arrived back at the pub in good time for chips and garlic bread - thanks J and M for a grate hash and grub.

Why were Pocket Rocket and Ryan already leaving the pub, (smart car rocket!)? Apparently they had given up the chase early on and had returned to the pub as they whirr both “very tyred”!! (the young of today!!)

After a quiet and refined session in the Mayflower last week, the GM being absent, we were back to normal with cries of OY! THIS IS IMPORTANT! Thanks were given to the hairs and a couple of dates for bike hashes given out, possibly Sat 16 April and weekend of 29 April - 1 May, check web site. But we forgot to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Roger and Gerry didn’t wee?