Chip Advisor


Fancy Dress - come in disguise!
Date : 22/07/14
Hare : IGSH
Scribe : Dave
Hounds : 48     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft

On a balmy or barmy or Barney evening we arrived at The Palmer Arms Booker to be greeted by a man in black. Was it a diver, a shadow, death personified or a Gerry in disguise?

Gradually a lot of new hashers arrived who we didn't recognise. Who were these people?

A dolly bird in a red dress accompanied by a clown with purple hair, an army girl in full camouflage and a bouncer, a bag man and another Man in Black? A lady in 'discguys', two couples of cross dressers, a Mexican masquerading as a 'Peruvian', two runners complete with medals but why the same number? 118? There were others in various guises.

Princess Leyla called order and explained there would be a quiz tonight. Discover the title of the short story from the assembled letters to be carried round the woods by unwilling hashers. What? All will be revealed later.

I went on a nice walk with some muggles round Booker Common as the sun set. We were soon back for drinks and nibbles.

Meanwhile in the woods, it was reported later, the hashers had had a busy time.  Ant or was it Sarah? climbed a tree to retrieve a wasps nest, oh no it was a paper bag with goodies. Whilst smarties were handed round to celebrate Barney 1000 runs, yes that is 1000, Barney had to do a down-down with Coke!

Apparently the terrain was varied and tricky. Facing a steep incline of 80 degrees the hash tumbled down grasping at trees to break their fall; Later only to face the same or similar incline with gasps of oh no! But the hero who climbs trees, be it Ant or Sarah, sprinted up the hill with ease so they all had to follow (with varying degrees of agility). The hash was later delayed waiting for a lady to get her leg over a tree refusing interference from Princess Leyla. The diver man hurried them on to catch the fast runners, in vain. The shorts found their way back on auto pilot while the longs took a bit longer!

Once back at the Palmer Arms we were treated to a feast and prizes were awarded. (We don't brag).

Finally to end the evening of jollities and feasting on lovely food, (thanks to our hosts/hare Rose and the Diver), we had to endure yet another naming ceremony. Poor Barney on his knees for the duration whilst a name was deliberated and henceforth he will be known as 'Special K'.

P.S. If you're wondering what the short story spelt out it was