Chip Advisor


Date : 28/09/10
Hare : Sooper
Scribe : Dashwood Dick
Venue : The Ship
Hounds : 31     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft

The Pullingshill Wood Pull

Recently back from a successful Forest of Dean raid, the Squadron were somewhat bemused by the Wing Commanders choice of airfield for this evenings raid (what no landing strip at the airfield, crikey that's a rum do), however Souper hadn't made his way up all the ranks to Wing Commander for nothing and had found a landing strip for hire not more than a stride from the mess hall. Unfortunately this handy airstrip had already been taken over by the local flying school, Flight Lieutenant Lodge was much aggrieved and tried to bring one of the blighters down as she taxied down the main runway. Fortunately, Group Capt GM's weekend orienteering training was put to good use and the full Squadron were soon regrouped ready for the nights sortie.

Contact, start your engines, chocks away, fighter pilots Ian and Sam quickly took to the air and circled the locale before dipping their wings to lead the bombers up across the outskirts of Marlow. The bomber pilots laden with fuel struggled with the initial ascent but as their well worn engines grew accustomed to the night air, reached their operating temperature and tweaked their throttles they soon got to flying altitude above Spinfield and Forty Green, before settling down into full formation.

Meanwhile, up ahead the going had got a bit tough for the fighter pilots swooping and dipping through unknown territory, they suddenly came across three enemy fighters equipped with powerful search lights above the woods by Hooks Farm. Luckily, with the fighter bombers bolstering their numbers, the enemy soon turned turtle and disappeared into the night before the bombers had a chance of being picked out in their lights.

Soon after the Squadron reached Pullingshill Wood the bombers pealed off to the south to continue their mission by dropping their loads & shattering the tranquil surroundings of Hooks Farm. Meanwhile, keen to continue their successful nights raid and strike fear in the hearts of the quiet country folk of Buckinghamshire, the fighter pilots and fighter bombers regrouped and headed deeper behind enemy lines towards Bockmer End. By this time the fighter bombers were running low on fuel and opted for an eastern flight direct back to base.

Wing Commander Souper tried to deter the fighters from going beyond the Bockmer End line but Squadron Leaders Ade and Sam were having nothing of it and the fighters now relieved of their shepherding duties, were able to continue at full throttle down to Marlins Grove creating havoc wherever they went, it was only a matter of time before the enemy got wind of the nights sortie and deployed vast swathes of roots to try and bring us down, some of us got our wings clipped or got our under carriages tangled in the foliage of Hogs Wood but even the deployment of on backs could not deter us from our mission that night. The ascent above the protection of the clouds by Hollowhill Wood brought little relief for those ravaged by the earlier dog fight as we coughed and spluttered through the night air but soon we latched onto the flight trail left by the earlier passing bombers and fighter bombers and headed back to blightly for a much needed refuel.