Chip Advisor


Date : 09/03/10
Scribe : Dave
Venue : The Crown
Hounds : 24     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft

I've never got used to the layout of Radnage. You would think it was too small to have sub-divisions like Town End, Bennett End and The City. But it does and it's a very confusing village. I know only too well since I got hopelessly

lost there on a hash from The Dashwood Arms in Piddington. So we played safe driving in along he A40 to a sign for Radnage and just followed the road to the pub. No-one else seemed to get lost and all the hashers were raring to go in good time. Order was called and Dick outlined the challenge. "Longs - 6 miles and 4 hills, Shorts 6 miles and 4 hills!"
(He then conceded that the shorts might be a bit less).

"Check it out! Longs right, shorts left" (with map!). I followed the shorties. There was a bit of confusion at the first check - a regroup at the end of Green Lane. The shorties failed to find the flour at this three-way check and had to consult the map! So it was on on down Green Lane (where the flour was eventually discovered) and we were on our way.

A check at the end of Green Lane took us left as an "on-check" was called. Now a right across fields towards Bledlow Ridge and past some llamas I'm told.

I decided not to get lost again and backtracked to the pub arriving about 8.30. Nice pint of Rebellion and read the Daily Mail.

The first shorties arrived back at 9:05. After getting to Bledlow Ridge they short cut the short - as they do!! They went down the Chiltern Way and picked up the trail back to the pub. The first of the longs was Ken at 9:30. After doing a 2 mile loop west and back to the pub the longs followed the short route of 4 miles via Bledlow Ridge. Ken missed a loop via "Princes Risborough" unquote and took the same short cut as the shorties so got back early. The rest of the longs got back about 9:35. Someone reported that the 6 miles was more like 8!

Chat was about the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge - any takers? Mike and Judy's plays in Chesham - any takers?The chips arrived and the talk came around to 'Wedgies'. What is a wedgie? Jane seemed to know all about it. (Is that because she has 3 daughters?) Evidently it makes your eyes water!

TOSCA time - lots of good nominations - Mick, Barney, Audrey, Kerry and Tracey for coming first in the Moonraker event on Saturday night - Roger for his cock up on the hash report . The winner was Leslie (but should have been David) for forgetting/losing/mislaying one of David's trainers and he refused to hop round the hash preferring to stay in The Plough, (Hyde Heath) exchanging golf stories!
Was it a good run I asked Audrey - "Rubbish" she said. "Dick confused miles with kilometres!"
Wouldn't that have made it shorter?

Anyway a good evening, good chips, good beer, good company. Thanks to Dick for a hilly run as promised and excellent chips. I might come next week!