Chip Advisor


Date : 02/10/12
Hare : Coxy
Scribe : Moist
Hounds : 35     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 8.98 km
Recorded time : 78.73 min
Uphillness : 539.00 ft

By missing Ken’s distant hash last week I thought I had avoided the write up and maintained my reputation as the least reliable hash scribe, but no Ken and Gerry had other ideas.  Ken decided to get his own back by missing this week’s run, and Gerry grabbed me with unseemly haste as I arrived, so I’m afraid you’re stuck with me as scribe this week!

It was a very wild and windy night as a parade of vehicles arrived at the Full Moon and reluctant hashers stayed in the warmth and comfort of their cars until the last possible minute.  Ade parked next to me and Graham and we noted the fact that the other person in Ade’s car looked like Sam – but no it couldn’t be as Sam has been back in Canada for a couple of years.  As we eventually crawled out into the wind and dark we realised – yes it was Sam back for a flying visit via Switzerland!  What a fantastic surprise!

Eventually Roger called the rabble to order and introduced our virgin hasher David – a friend of Anthony.  Nick outlined tonight’s entertainment – a short of (approx) 3.63 miles or a long of (roughly) 4.93 miles.  Due to clever setting with loops there was also the option of a medium run of (about) 4.16 miles on offer.  There was some debate as to whether any of Nick’s flour would have withstood the afternoon’s torrential rain but, ever optimistic, the pack shuffled off to look for any remaining flour. Actually, Nick had done a great job and we had no difficulties following the trail.

Goodness knows where we went (I have Nick’s map and I still don’t know) but it included long wet grass and copious amounts of best Bucks shiggy.  We initially headed over toward Great Kingshill and after a bit, the shorts went off while we longs did a pointless and soggy loop, eventually catching up with the shorts again somewhere in the deepest darkest woods.  For me it’s a sign of a well laid trial if the two packs join up again, so well done Nick!  We weren’t together long (no doubt to the relief of the short cutters) as Nick sent us off on another pointless loop through yet more dark woods and muddy tracks.  We were all pleased to see the well laid On Inn and arrive safe and surprisingly dry back at the pub (after 5.8 miles on Ian’s GPS for the long trail!).

In the warm dry hostelry Roger recounted the amusing nominations for this month’s Tosca award, which deservedly went to Sam for “the longest ever on back of 6000 miles”.  I thought the “bad penny” T shirt given to Sam was a bit unfair, but I’m told he may well be back again in the summer when he is due to become “Grandad Sam” and I’m sure we will all look forward to that!  We were also treated to brownies and rocky road by Roz who was celebrating a big birthday (she is obviously much younger than Roger) and some excellent chips courtesy of Nick.  I think Nick deserves an award for a good hash which must be a record for the furthest distance from the hare’s house (Nick lives in Reading) and for arranging for the rain to hold off while we were running.  Thanks Nick!