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The Le De Spencer Arms



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The price of soda and lime is: £1.00

[Mick] Oh Yeess, ESB. Bloomin lovely, and with well kept Pride and, somewhat unusually, Butcombe Best, what could possibly be amiss? Well, being asked to part with £4.10/£4.20 a pint kind of spoiled the joy of spotting the ales on offer. Much mumbling although Paul said he would happily pass his car keys across for a pint of the "nectar". [Matt] £4.20 for ESB ("That was just the one pint, yeh?") was a bit eye watering, but then I guess getting a beer delivery truck up that road without breaking an axle more than once a year would be a major I like to think of it as a 'Danger Premium'!
Not beer:
[Mick] L & S at a quid a pint, actually with the application of plenty of lime was good news for those bibbers of this concoction. Coke at a less charitable £2.50 however, Our choccy correspondent was in raptures over her cream laden brew (steady Gary!) and stated that it was one of the best ever. [Matt] Per Jo, the L&S was "very limey", and per Aud the hot chocolate was "very chocolatey"....hmmm, good job they don't have to write or review professionally for a living eh?! Mind you Mick, not quite sure how we're going to be able to copy & paste your comments directly over to Tripadvisor either?!
[Mick] Look at the size of those bowls. Hang on a minute, big edge, shallow, only 1 chip deep! Whether a surfeit went elsewhere or Mike ate the vast majority exiting the kitchen, the quantity of bog standard spud bits was questionable and rapidly dispatched. [Matt] Having been spoilt over the last few weeks, this might have felt like a return back to the good 'ol days of rationing for Mick, but in truth, more of a return to reality. Chips were average, OK, mediocre...hence the score.
[Mick] A nice little bolt hole, probably better used for escaping from d.i.y or the wife than for squeezing in a large contingent of hashers and doggies. [Matt] Having been greatly amused by the game of 'Car Jenga' going on in the car park at the start of the hash, I was less amused at having to change over a puddle in a muddy lane in the pouring lane, but then I guess the De Spencer's isn't for the hoity toity crowd...although in times gone by, if Francis Dashwood was anything to go by, it was a byword for the Hell Fire Cave, satanic rituals, and orgies. Not that there was much of that in evidence on a sodden Tuesday night....otherwise the scores would have been much higher! So, a lovely haven at the end of a walk across the fields, a bit higgledy piggledy, oldie worldie cosy. Mind you, probably easier to walk than to drive there!


Past the sprawl of Downley "village", now we are out into open country ... or are we? The road turns into a pot holed track resembling a tank training ground which leads to the unlikely placed Le De Spencer Arms. Named after Francis Dashwood, who gained the title of Baron Despencer ( note the spelling error on the boozers publicity), the pub was originally in the middle of a golf course but now lies down aforementioned evil track. Detatched from all but a huddle of dwellings where all the residents are possibly relatives of one another, an ideal location for entering the adjacent woods to run, walk or engage in other more esoteric sundown activities.


No. Date Hare Details
145508/05/18Tim & Oompa Loompa
138807/02/17Dashwood Dick & Muttley
134129/03/16Truly Scrumptious
124203/06/14Whipping Boy & Louise
112028/02/12IGSH & BigFoot