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The Black Horse

Lacey Green


Up down pub ranking

The price of soda and lime is: £1.60

Geoff Capes was the World's strongest man & the beer named in his honour by Butcombe did him proud. A superb drop. Also excellent Otter, Hook Norton Two Hoots and Brakspears cooking bitter. All sampled cracking and very well priced. And, no Rebellion!!!
Not beer:
Keyboard positively bouncing at only £1.70 for a pint of coke and this served from cans, not the usual pump stuff. L & S at a reasonable £1.60 a pint and choc also priced to raise a smile rather than a frown.
The woman staggered out with a very large container of exceedingly tasty, well cooked and hot rather than nuclear chips. So, plenty of tattie bits to go round then. Also on offer some very pink sausages which were chomped although, personally, the colour put me off!
A great welcome, good, knowledgeable service, plenty of seating in proper village boozer style surroundings with beer related motto's, proper pub decor and a great ambience to enjoy the post run recovery session.


Naphill, then Walter's Ash, then, after what seems an interminably long, straight road hampered by the dreaded 30 mph limit, one eventually arrives at Lacey Green, this famous for it's windmill supposedly dating back to around 1650. So, a nothing linear village, but wait, a welcoming pub sign heralds The Black Horse, the high point of this rather humdrum location. A throw back to the days when good ale and reasonably priced pub grub ruled rather than the kitch loaded, gastro, overpriced, mincing waitered venues often prevalent today.  


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