Chip Advisor

The Swan

Great Kimble

Chip advice dated: 30 April 2019 - Hash #no 1506

Up down pub ranking

Whilst only two of the three hand pumps were in use, these did have two decent local brews in Tring Moongazing and Hillfire, an Aylesbury brewer, Californian Gold. Nice to see local ales being offered. Mighty good cider, this produced "out the back" according to the landlord.
Not beer:
Now, there's a thing. No soft drinks from a hand held profit gun - all from bottles. Whilst it was probably nice to be receiving the real stuff, the small bottles made for some steamy prices when scaled up to a pint or as near as you could get. L & S at £1.55 for 200ml, cola at £2.10 for 330ml. Lemonade decent at £1.90a pint and Aud missed out on the choccy which for £2.50 apparently comes fully loaded.
Although one of the large bowls never made it to the farthest reaches of the boozer, which necessitated aping Mr.Chips in table roaming for a stand & grab, the chips were big, bountiful and very well turned out with loads of ketchup for drowning them in.
A bit of a squeeze given the large turnout but a good welcome with decent service by our hosts. A fair bit of character in the through bar/dining room with some nice original touches and plenty of seating. The evening took on a more rosy glow on consumption of the possibly bootleg but excellent apple loopy juice.


Situated on the truly ancient Icknield Way which possibly dates back to prehistoric times and was one of only four roads mentioned in medieval times by someone who's name has escaped, the Swan dates back to around 1840 and is reputed to be haunted by the original owner. It is now family run and has an intriguing forthcoming events list of "none". Using local produce and majoring on local ales, it is seemingly well thought of, a reputation which was indeed not harmed by the visit of the esteemed and legendary HWH3.


No. Date Hare Details
151104/06/19Pink Panter
150630/04/19Gritty-Arsed Fox & Scribbler
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124601/07/14Keyboard Ken