Chip Advisor

The Royal Standard

Wooburn Common

Chip advice dated: 19 February 2019 - Hash #no 1496

Up down pub ranking

9 superbly kept ales on offer led from the front by Hopback's superb Summer Lightening & Entire Stout, two luscious quaffers guaranteed to please but make ones legs somewhat down on walking ability if large quantities are shifted. Also The Full Nelson & a great supporting cast of other ales. Klingon purring at the choice of proper cider - Ooh Aaar!!
Not beer:
Whilst the L & Soda was a reasonable £1.40 a pint, and the hot choc £2.20 for a bucket sized mug, the cola & lemony stuff was a bit pricey at £3.10 a large scoop. Aud's choccy took forever to turn up which did detract a bit although some forgiveness was due as the choc bod was busy supervising the chip production.
The young lady just kept coming out from the kitchen with bowl after bowl of hunky, indeed in some cases truly massive, right tasty chips. These were proper jobs and fulsomely enjoyed. Dunno if Hawkeye did his wedge providing this feast but what a superb blow out!
Welcoming, with good service, timber floors, beams and, in inclement weather a roaring log burner, the Standard is an excellent venue for putting the Hash world to rights whilst taking sustenance in both liquid & solid forms.


If you had a dream of finding a characterful pub situated in pleasant countryside and not stuck in a yob filled, graffiti and used chewing gum strewn town, where great pub grub at reasonable prices is to be enjoyed, this washed down by an eclectic range of cracking beautifully kept ales & apple loopy juice, then look no further than the superb pleasure palace - The Royal Standard. Long may it continue to flourish.    


No. Date Hare Details
144206/02/18Ron & Helles Belles
Hash Pub of the Year 2015