Chip Advisor

The Chequers Inn

Wheeler End


Up down pub ranking

After "the beer is free tonight", the best words one can hear are " I've just put on a fresh barrel". The ESB, which was fresh & fulsome was truly superb and waxed lyrical over by those who partook. The Pride was also excellent and, for anyone requiring weak stuff there was Seafarers, a flavour filled if rather weedy drop.
Not beer:
With L & S at a very realistic quid a pint, cola at £2.50 almost bringing a slight smile from Keyboard, the acknowledged aficionado of this concoction, lemonade at the same ticket price and, a nice example of choccy according to our resident expert Aud at £2, what's not to like!
Nice sized bowls of proper if slightly pallid chips well supported by both brown, and for who strangely prefer it, white bread for the creation of that most excellent post Hash staple the chip butty. Bit short changed on the ketchup but overall a right good scoff.
The olde worlde front bar gives way to a somewhat less characterful dining area. Mercifully sans customers so plenty of seating and with a telly in the corner to keep an update on the footie, good service from a governor who knew how to keep good ale & even opened up the rather challenging car park, this was a very pleasant venue.


The Chequers is a beam endowed 16th century hostelry standing on the edge of Wheeler End Common. Although the drone of the M.40 is much in evidence, it's light strewn and character exterior exudes a welcoming aura. Having oscillated between being shut & open with a variety of differing management, it now seems to be on the up with well rated, reasonably priced grub and it's customary quality ale. With the demise of many pubs on the Hash circuit let us hope that the Chequers continues to flourish. Did I mention the ESB??   


No. Date Hare Details
149726/02/19Truly Scrumptious