Chip Advisor

The Chequers Inn

Wheeler End

Chip advice dated: 3 September 2019 - Hash #no 1524

Up down pub ranking

I'll have a pint of ES....... hang on a minute, no ESB. Oh bother (or words to that effect). The substitute, HSB, should have been called H2oSB as it was both thin and watery. However, the Pride was good, the Seafarers apparently flavoursome even though a boys drink at 3.6% and, deep joy, ESB in bottles albeit at £4.40.
Not beer:
How nice to find a pub where the public are not frisked at the door for extortionate amounts of cash to pay for the softs. L & S at a very reasonable quid a pint with lemonade & that dark fizzy brew much beloved by Keyboard et al coming in at £2.50.
Bowl after bowl of steaming hot beauties emanated from the kitchen which must have had the benefit of a very large fryer and a special offer on tatties this week. Lashings, loads and then even more, a true chip fest!
Although the car park is minute, plenty of parking is available nearby. After beering up in the bar, a retreat to the excellent dining room yields plenty of seating with room for our throng and is altogether a very pleasant place to be. Oh and the gents has had the benefit of a lick of paint - there's posh!


The Chequers is a beam endowed 16th century hostelry standing on the edge of Wheeler End Common. Although the loud drone of the M.40 is much in evidence, it's light strewn and characterful exterior exudes the welcoming aura of an ocean liner sailing along serenely on the high seas. Having oscillated between being shut & open with a variety of differing management, it now seems to be on the up with well rated, reasonably priced grub and quality ale. With the demise of many pubs on the Hash circuit let us hope that the Chequers continues to flourish. 


No. Date Hare Details
Pub of the Year 2019
149726/02/19Truly Scrumptious