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The Chequers Inn

Wheeler End


Up down pub ranking

A Fullers pub with an excellent drop of Pride, the quite wonderful ESB, at 5.5% a proper ale, and for those who for some strange reason like something weak, Seafarers, this formerly a George Gale beer. Refreshingly no sign of Rebellion's distinctly average (or mediocre) beers on offer.
Not beer:
[Matt: I need to get in quickly before Mick warms up to his soft drink rant - rather bizarre as he never touches the stuff..brings him out in a rash apparently! No, I didn't succumb to L&S for the 2nd week in a row, but yes, I did buy a pint as part of a round, and can confirm that it was an exceptionally reasonable 50p per pint). [Mick : No complaints from me Scribbler. 50p for what is basically water very acceptable & brown fizz at £2.50 which is about as cheap as it gets.
Ahoy there me hearties, something the size of the royal barge has just hove into view. Not a boat but several large bowls of hunky chunky chips with condiments and, for those of a particular persuasion, onion rings. Proper job!
The olde worlde front bar gives way to a somewhat less characterful dining area, albeit this brightened up with a lick of colourful emulsion. Not as brasso as on our last visit due to a radiator or two actually being turned on, there is plenty of seating, particularly after the two customers had done the decent thing and departed. No car parking as such hence roadside rules.


The Chequers is a beam endowed 16th century hostelry standing on the edge of Wheeler End Common. Although the drone of the M.40 is much in evidence, it's light strewn exterior exudes a welcoming aura. Having oscillated between being shut & open with a variety of differing management, it now seems to be on the up with well rated, reasonably priced grub and it's customary quality ale. With the demise of many pubs on the Hash circuit let us hope that the Chequers continues to flourish. Did I mention the ESB??   


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