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The General Havelock

Wycombe Marsh


Up down pub ranking

Damn - no Matt or Mick to review the beers this week - I should have paid more attention. Not a bad selection of beers at all. Paul seemed to enjoy his Fullers HSB and my Hophead from Dark Star Brewery went down just fine. All at a reasonable price as well. All good in fact.
Not beer:
No idea... wasn't paying attention and didn't have any not beer. Happy to update this with whatever anyone tells me.
A lot of chips. I mean I know Mike wasn't there but even he might have struggled.
So ..... tricky one this. On the one hand it's my grandma's old pub - I practically grew up there. On the other hand there was that nasty business with the leaked BNP membership list (and who wants to be associated with a French bank right?). In General though a pretty characterful pub. Not a great deal of space in the car park, and it was pretty busy inside but that's no bad thing. Good beer but bad politics.



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