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The Leathern Bottle



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Oh Be Joyful, and we were! However, this offering from Brakspear should be more accurately called Oh Be Reasonably Satisfied. Two other ales available were Braks. flat basic and Marston's Pedigree which ain't bad but more to Brummie taste rather than us discerning quaffers down sarf.
Not beer:
Two quid for a medium limey L & S and £2.80 for the usual pumped brown stuff, only good for adding to a large rum in my opinion, were a bit on the steamy side price wise methinks. No idea on the choccy, whether there was any and, if so, the price.
Now then, these were cracking. Crispy on the outside and just the right consistency in the middle. Dunno it they were cheffy twice, thrice or sixty seven times cooked but they were yummy. Also large and huge tatties, lush but liable to leave one with third degree burns if not very careful or possessing asbestos fingers and throat..
Beamy, a roaring fire on a brasso evening, a nice room to ourselves without the needless interruption of stray punters, it was a very pleasant location for the post hash wind down in the company of Magneto, now known as Transneto as he is given to wearing a knitted skirt.


Between the Chilterns and the Oxford Plain lies the almost invisible village of Lewknor, missed by many a traveller steaming down the A.40, within which lies the 450 year old hostelry known as Ye Olde Leathern Bottel. This venerable venue boasts a pleasing, authentically old interior with real timbers, not the plastic jobs or those ruined with garish paint sometimes happened upon. The boast of "a large car park" is not a factual representation of the smallish, awkward shaped, part grassed affair that sits outside however. A pleasant location nevertheless. 


No. Date Hare Details
143205/12/17Whipping Boy & Louise
128517/03/15Keyboard Ken
101106/04/10Whipping Boy