Chip Advisor

The Green Dragon

Flackwell Heath

Chip advice dated: 3 March 2015 - Hash #no 1283

Up down pub ranking

3 mainstream beers on tap - London Pride (toppy £3.80 p/pint), Doombar (ditto), and Green King IPA (dunno). There was some dissension here - the HUB committee (comprised of those who’d just run 5 miles) were refreshed, whilst non-runners (Hawkeye) complained about ‘dirty lines’ and the fact ‘you can smell the bacteria’. Well, we couldn’t, so it was a modest score for a limited range of OK beer.
Not beer:
The STD gang were effervescent in their praise, “good, full pint - very limey” [Jo], “hints of minerality” [Nikki….taking the piss], and at £1.50 p/pint, deemed v.good.
2 different types of chips - string and wedges, so extra points for trying there. However, the wedges tasted rather floury and microwaved, but we missed Barney’s ‘Chip on his Shoulder’ rant this week…probably because Phil had nicked his shoes.
Good: Fair amount of forecourt parking, friendly & efficient staff Bad: Postcode can take you miles away (as Sandra & I found out), v.uninspiring layout & decor inside, like a large doctor’s waiting room with pea-green walls.


Overheard on the hash (3rd March 2015)

“I’ll have those trousers off you and you’re sitting in the back” [Nikki to Zac post-moose]

“This is more than shiggy…I’d call it piggy” [Matt on a particularly muddy woodland stretch] 

“I wonder how Roger chooses hash names?” “Evidently Gerry helps him” “Is it wise to put tradition in the hands of The Chuckle Brothers?” “Anything’s better than ‘Pandy’ [various]


No. Date Hare Details
153910/12/19Nicola & Billy Whizz
A Christmas Carol