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The Fox and Hounds

Christmas Common


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Was it that the cellar had been hit by a stray North Korean missile, gone down a sink hole or merely that the East West ale bill had not been paid? Whatever, there was only Brakspear's cooking on offer which would impact on your bladder way before any feeling of having a good time occurred. This at over £4 a pint with chemical induced cider at £4.50!!
Not beer:
L & S bordering on dear at £2 with fans of the brown stuff or R.Whites fairly apoplectic at lobbing over £3.50 for a pint of fizz. Keyboard, on his first run of the year, looked about to give the landlord/manager a Glasgow Kiss. Choccy good but again pricey.
The pub is characterful with beams a plenty and cosy with small rooms such as Poacher's Pocket and The Snug. There was a roaring log fire to welcome the frozen Hasher also. However, short of carrying out a reenactment of the Black Hole of Calcutta, there was no way that we could possibly fit into the allocated Snug which left matters somewhat disjointed.


In the middle of absolutely nowhere, but with a tenuous link to Watlington, the Fox & Hounds lies in wait at Christmas Common apparently so named due to a truce being signed here at Christmas during the Civil War. This ancient hostelry is over 500 years old and lies some 812 feet above sea level, most of which were exploited by our Hare. Once a cracking ale house with good grub at reasonable prices, it is now a "foodie" venue for the hunting,shooting set or those with fairly deep pockets and little idea or need for good beer at a sensible ticket which is, I believe rather a shame.


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