Chip Advisor

The Old Oak

Holmer Green

Chip advice dated: 22 November 2016 - Hash #no 1376

Up down pub ranking

Aah, Summer Lightning. Very nice and the Timmy Taylor Landlord was also decent. No winges from the Beer Grinch about yeast, pipes, temperature etc etc so the beer must have been decent! Only let down was the sparsity of pumps - two only. Reasonable value at £3.80 a scoop. [Matt] Summer Lightening and Timmy Taylors (£3.80 both) made for an acceptable, if not overly effusive offering. Statler and Waldorf waxed lyrical over the former, whilst the latter (Timmy T) was OK, but lacked a bit of oomph.
Not beer:
Very reasonable L & Soda, somewhat offset by the brown fizz coming out of the pump at £3 a pint. Nuff said! [Matt] L&S 80p (40p half) was good, but the soft merchants were once again fizzing at £3/pint for coke, lemonade…etc - when will they ever learn?
Chip chip chip chip chippy, give a little chip to me. The comforting sight of plenty of buppy with two decent trays of tasty chips, backed up by another delivery from the kitchen. Very nice, and no lurking chip monster Mike to decimate the stocks with his two handed style! [Matt] If the beer was slightly underwhelming, the food redressed the balance, with platters of buttered bread and acres of chips filling the side table. Any gaps were soon plugged with sugared offerings from Matt R (for ’twas his birthday), and after the initial sugar rush, the hash duly lapsed into a diabetic coma. Top nosh! [note: decimate technically means only 1/10th....Mike's style being more of the inverse function of that; i.e. 9/10 or 90%!]
A wide open barn style boozer which harked back to the "through lounge" craze of 70's housing. No nice nooks and crannies and did I spot Anaglypta?? [Matt] Not bad kerb appeal, but an inverse-Tardis parking area out front (looked large but could only fit a few cars in) seemed designed to keep the opportunists out, whilst the decor inside (dull with random historical prints & odd pictures on the walls) seemed designed to make sure they didn’t linger too long. We didn’t mind too much, as we had the galleried eating area to ourselves, but as half of it seemed to be used as a storeroom, we could only guess that it didn’t suffer from over-use? Still, nice long bar, and prompt friendly service, so not bad for a drink if you’re passing through….


Very much an old style village local tacked onto the end of the Holmer Green sprawl. A web site detailing a range of "regular" beers, none of which actually made an appearance. A punter eulogising about the pub, perhaps because he lives in Australia, the land of no decent boozers and no decent beer! 


Overheard on the hash (22nd Nov)


“It’s very gnarly and muddy out here tonight - please don’t tell me you pushed Lucy’s pushchair this way?”  


“I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ant walking before - it’s quite a strange feeling to be ahead of him at any one point in time!” [the Shorts & Walkers enjoy their temporary superiority]


“Well I certainly didn’t put that cross there earlier”  [Ant stops to inspect a mysterious marking in the woods] “Maybe the power’s gone to Sarah’s head and she’s laying a live hash” [helpful hash comment]  “I knew I shouldn’t have given her the map…..!”  [exasperation sets in for Ant] 


“Why is Hawkeye walking like an elderly American with constipation?” [group comment from behind Hawkeye, a apropos his rather ‘punchy’ walking style] “I might be full of sh*t, but I’m certainly not an American!”


Quite uneventful tonight - the right route, no marauding horses, and a well-marked trail. Now if only I’d been on time….. [Ken enjoys playing catch up this week]


It’ll be a miracle if nobody face plants tonight [cue Matt’s10ft double-footed slide down the side of a hill]



No. Date Hare Details
152617/09/19Sarah & Speedbump
137622/11/16Sarah & Speedbump
133516/02/16Sarah & Speedbump