Chip Advisor

The Old Oak

Holmer Green

Chip advice dated: 17 September 2019 - Hash #no 1526

Up down pub ranking

Seemingly incapable of getting past two hand pumps but how refreshing to find two Exmoor ales on tap, the very decent Exmoor Ale and, possibly for the more discerning of our beer monsters, Exile Apollo. This a very quaffable American style pale ale with a high evaporation rate!
Not beer:
It sounds like a well worn record but, after the spine tingling 80p for a pint of L & S (some people need to get out more), a rather excessive £3.10 for cola & lemonade. The answer is simple, drink more beer & less softs. A few pence more but less of a rip off and, if enough brown nectar is swallowed, you won't worry about the extra cash anyway!
Nothing either cooked at home or emanating from a pub kitchen can quite match proper chip shop chips served out of paper.. Mmmmmmmmm. Our Hares did us proud by depositing many packets of these lush golden beauties on our tables and, when even Mr.Chips is seen to be (almost) sated, you know it's been a cracker.
An open barn style boozer which harks back to the "through lounge" craze of 70's housing. No nice nooks and crannies.The decor inside has been marginally improved from our last visit but still seems designed to make sure punters don’t linger too long. Plenty of seating available in the eating area which we had to ourselves. Not bad kerb appeal, but a deceptively small parking area out front seemingly designed to keep customers to a low number. Still, nice long bar, and prompt friendly service, so not bad for a drink if you’re passing through….


Very much an old style village boozer tacked on, possibly as an afterthought, to the end of sprawling Holmer Green. With the last meaningful entry on social media dating a year ago, the last report entered on that pillar of good taste "Beer in the Evening" dating back to 2011 and no working Website, it is clearly another victim of the open/shut/new management scenarios much experienced these days. Even with it's faults, let us hope that yet another haven of rest and refreshment does not go the way of so many of our pubs.


No. Date Hare Details
155210/03/20Sarah & Speedbump
152617/09/19Sarah & Speedbump
137622/11/16Sarah & Speedbump
133516/02/16Sarah & Speedbump