Chip Advisor

The Three Horseshoes


Chip advice dated: 15 May 2018 - Hash #no 1456

Up down pub ranking

So close to the rebellion Brewery that it should be renamed the Rebellion Tap. Guess what, 5 beers of that parentage on the pumps but two off. No complaints though as the Zebedee - very apposite as it was his run, was a very nice drop, refreshing and at 4.7% carrying a decent degree of satisfaction. Only complaint was the £4+ price tag.
Not beer:
L & S at a medium price of £1.60 a pint but pump cola at £2.90 for the same measure. Another example of a boozer taking full advantage of the gazillion percent mark up on the softies. Bloody liberty! Interminable wait for a water based choccy at £2.50 to arrive.
Good size, excellent colour, just the right degree of firmness and not nuked. These were excellent offerings and, when a second bowl appeared, much to the delight of Kamikaze, happy daze. Only downer was the Costco ketchup which didn't tease the palate like a more established brand.
Pleasant interior with a blend of beamy originality and modernity. Good area allotted which made for conviviality and minimised the trauma of the GM's speech on other punters. Car park still, after many years, seems out of bounds to HWH3. Perhaps it requires Mr.Griffiths to give the landlord another ear bashing!


Situated on the bypass to the bypass, the "back" way up to the abysmal Handy Cross junction, the Three Horseshoes is undoubtedly a hostelry inviting a stop, that is if one hasn't over egged the loud pedal and passed it already. In pleasant surroundings and boasting a large "customer" (except if you are HWH3) car park together with nice bar/dining areas and beer garden, it has a lot going for it. Possibly needs  to look past the easy option of hauling beer the 100 metres from Rebellion & consider that there is a whole world of ale awaiting outside Marlow!  


No. Date Hare Details
149222/01/19Zebedee & Zebedee
135428/06/16Sooper & Zebedee