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Mad Squirrel Tap & Bottle Shop

High Wycombe


Up down pub ranking

An eclectic range of beers ranging from the cheap guzzling bitter through the superb London Porter, onwards and upwards with a variety of styles, strengths and increasing prices. Something for everyone in Beerhalla.
Not beer:
Wot, no L & S! Well no actually but a pint of brown fizz at £2.30, a range of some would say strange but varied bottles of soft substances and, to keep the "hotties" happy, yummy choc and a range of coffees all at a decent price.
Ah, if only the Brewery Shop would make that critical investment in a deep fat fryer and a bag of spuds. However, garlic bread slices were tasty, well received and dispatched with a rapidity which would do credit to Man v Food.
A cracking venue to relax, drink loads, deparcel Nickey and have a thoroughly bloomin good time. A noisy evening of great bonhomie amongst our somewhat strangely dressed throng. One wonders if an inebriated local might have wondered what exactly was going on?


This sceptred isle, this jewel in the sea, this England, this Brewery Shop! Who ever had the idea of airlifting this beer recovery station into Wycombe needs a knighthood. As wives drag their hubbies around 14 shoe shops, inevitably settling for a pair in the very first one, a ray of hope exists that enough negative comments regarding the increasingly unsuitable shoes will result in us menfolk being dispatched to the beer refuge centre to gaze lovingly at the essential products on offer and imbibe heartily. 


No. Date Hare Details
Xmas Fancy Dress Hash. It's now officially a tradition! Lights, cameras, fancy dress, action...all in the most central location of the year!
143419/12/17Scribbler & Waldorf
The Christmas Fancy Dress Hash
138020/12/16Scribbler & Mr Eager
Christmas fancy dress & kids' run