Chip Advisor

Mad Squirrel Tap and Bottle Shop

High Wycombe

Chip advice dated: 18 December 2018 - Hash #no 1488

Up down pub ranking

With Mad Squirrel basic but still 4% bitter, Sumo, Milk Stout, Roadkill and a whole host of unusual and well kept ales, as well as decent cider, this is the place to be for the discerning quaffer with a determination to fill their boots. Some ales pricey but worth the hit to the pocket for the rarity value & quality.
Not beer:
No L & S! but a pint of brown fizz at £2.30, a range of some would say strange but varied bottles of soft substances and, to keep the "hotties" happy, yummy hot choc at £2 a go and a range of coffees also at a decent price.
No chips and no sign of the installation of the equipment necessary to provide these essentials. However, the plentiful supply of garlic pizza bread was both well received and finished off in usual Hash gannet style even without the hollow legs and G.T. throat of Mr.Chips..
A superb venue for a collection of oddly dressed and well soaked Hashers to gather after another soggy run around Wycombe for the absolutely essential post Hash bonhomie & getting mullered on the ale. Just need the installation of an escalator to avoid spillage!


The golden wings of this glorious beer swan continue to entrance. In the heart of the drab retail centre of Wycombe, Wetherspoons excepted, the Mad Squirrel continues to be like a lighthouse, shining a beer hazed light over shoppers hoping for more than yet another trip with their partners to Primark. "You go and have a look around the shop dear, I'll just have a quick half" .......................... 3 pints later!!


No. Date Hare Details
Xmas Fancy Dress Hash
The Christmas Fancy Dress Hash
138020/12/16Scribbler & Mr Eager
Christmas fancy dress & kids' run