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The Mad Squirrel



Up down pub ranking

Fantastic selection and quality, particularly the London Porter which at £3.60 was superb and induced the throat turbo charger to down as much as possible. Some ales pricey but, hey, this was top stuff.
Not beer:
No L & S, no pump brown fizz, just dinky bottles of fancy Fentimans & Fever Tree softs at £2 delivered with ice & slice where required.Well priced and tasty hot choc and coffee selection on offer apparently.
Chips..... well there weren't any. However, as these watering holes haven't discovered the benefits of a deep fat fryer yet, our hosts came us with garlic flat breads which were pretty yummy and slipped down with the accompanying ales.
With HWH3 taking over one half of the premises, it was, as the Hoirish say, good craic. An enjoyable atmosphere assisted by a good welcome and very decent service, particularly when pulling up my Porter!


Up the hill to the station - nothing, up the hill from the station - nothing, high street - no welcoming pub sign. So, Amersham on the Hill appears to be one of those awful dry places without a hostelry for the thirsty hasher. But, wait a minute, what's this...... yippee!!! The Mad Squirrel Brewery Shop appears like a shining beacon amongst the retail dross of coffee shops, card shops, supermarkets and other inconsequential outlets to save the day. Long may it flourish.


No. Date Hare Details
146807/08/18Judy & Mr Chips
141912/09/17Judy & Mr Chips