Chip Advisor

The Squirrel


Chip advice dated: 26 March 2019 - Hash #no 1501

Up down pub ranking

The promise made to Bigfoot regarding the availability of three beers was reneged upon. Although the mythical third ale was only Rebellion Smuggler, its lack meant that only the dreaded IPA, which spreads over the locale like acne on a pre pubescent youth, and Doombar were on tap. The Doombar was actually a fair to middling pint.
Not beer:
L & S at a reasonable £1.20 a pint was partially offset by the £3 tag for the brown fizz & lemonade. Wouldn't be a secret lemonade drinker at these prices! Profit margin maintained then & no hot choc bringing a glum look to our Aud.
Another Hash, another fine example of the art of turning the humble spud into something special. Big, crispy coated & with a soft interior ( no that's not the wife!), these were satisfaction in a bowl although the condiments seemed to be glued to a table up the other end.
Despite the cozy bar, or blooming small whichever description is your preference, the pub has a large dining conservatory which, although somewhat bereft of character, meant that plenty of seating was available. Somewhat insulated from the huddle at the bar, it was a fairly pleasant place to be with direct access from the kitchen for the chips. Decent car park with plenty of alternatives on the adjacent roads.


Sitting betwixt the woods and large indifferent housing sprawl, the Squirrel looks and is twee apart from the modern, but necessary, added bit. Well rated for its culinary delights, whilst the bar is small, the gents lavatorial facilities can only euphemistically be described as small. Here, three is a crowd and friendships or otherwise can easily be made due to close proximity. If only that third beer pump wasn't gathering dust! 


No. Date Hare Details
The Hash Formerly Known As The Brexit Hash (THFKATBH)
144927/03/18IGSH & BigFoot