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The Squirrel



Up down pub ranking

This close to Marlow it was always going to mean Rebellion with the monthly "special", Relativity on offer as well as the usual ropey IPA. Also available Sharps (Marstons) reliably average Doombar. So, no excitement there then but at least there were 3 ales to choose from for the completely non discerning quaffer.
Not beer:
With L & S at a pretty reasonable £1.10 a pint, as evidenced by counting Chicken Licken's change, bottled cola rather than the usual draft muck at £1.95 for two bottles - nearly a pint, it wan't rip off territory. A thin and murky looking hot choc with absolutely no trimmings was at least both large and reasonably priced.
Due to the interminably slow service due to only one member of the bar staff serving, the bowl of chips as presented had almost been dispatched by the time that a table was reached. What was left could only be described as micro chips, with an eye dropper sized brown sauce portion for company However, a second helping of piping, chunky chappies arrived to raise the spirits.
Despite the cozy bar, or bloomin small whichever description is your preference, the pub has a large conservatory which meant that parking ones derriere was not a problem. Somewhat insulated from the huddle at the bar, it was a pleasant place to be with direct access from the kitchen for the chips. Decent car park with plenty of alternatives on the adjacent roads.


Tucked away from the main drag and next to Booker Common, the Squirrel is probably very much a locals pub due to it's location. With a small bar, claustrophobia is a distinct possibility if one is so inclined although, as above, the large conservatory gives a better feeling of space. The pub is very well rated for good scoff and vino, both at welcoming prices. The gents toilet created a lasting impression being petite in the extreme. Concentration was required to avoid playing a stream into the single sink which was uncomfortably close to the more essential facilities. 


No. Date Hare Details
The Hash Formerly Known As The Brexit Hash (THFKATBH)
144927/03/18IGSH & BigFoot