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Three ales on offer, Sharp's Atlantic which was very moreish even at £4 a pint and saved the day as the other two were Rebellion's "I can't believe it's bitter" IPA and an unusual, but equally weedy beer called something like Hampton's Old Nob Rotter.
Not beer:
L & S at £3 a pint and, even worse, Sarah copped for £8.40 for two large cokes. A query of this staggering price was met by an unfriendly stare from the barman and gasps of disbelief from the rest of us! Highway robbery is still with us!
Small bowls of decent chiperoonies of which two happened to land on our table in the dark corner of the garden. Not sure how well they were spread over the rest of the troops though.
A nice and totally empty snug followed by a relocation to the garden in order to celebrate Mike the Chomper & Judy's wedding anniversary. Mike brought a large tub of Haribo's but proceeded to eat most of them himself.


A "quaint" 18th century restaurant/pub in one of several lovely Hambledon Valley villages. It possesses a fairly small and challenging car park and one suspects is mainly for the well heeled locals and residents of other similarly pricey local villages. Food well rated but, like the ale and especially the softs, not to be lightly undertaken unless one has had a previous conversation with ones bank!  


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