Chip Advisor

The Full Moon

Little Kingshill

Chip advice dated: 13 February 2018 - Hash #no 1443

Up down pub ranking

4 Ales on offer but a touch down on our last visit as only the well kept Pride scraped over the boys/men line at 4.1%. Also on offer and apparently equally well kept were Adnams "Best", Rebellion IPA which has spread over the area like a plague and another lowish gravity offering which must have been forgettable as I have forgotten what it was!
Not beer:
The novel experience of both a pint & a half of the L & S being 80p which cheered all those partaking. Rum additive (cola) at a non wallet busting £2.30 and the hot choc, after holding up the queue for ale for an age whilst it was created cheffy fashion, looked the part & was deemed a winner.
One of the best venues on the circuit. There were heaps, loads, piles of cracking chips which were the real deal not some packet offerings from ChipULike or some other dodgy supplier. Large bowls of condiments to accompany, napkins and plates - very civilised. Even got asked whether we wanted any more but declined after studying several sated looking hashers clutching their stomachs!
A welcoming location with a beamy, characterful bar area being allocated to us. A touch tight on space but tile floored so no problem accepting the doggies or bare footed hashers who might have been a touch muddy given the tad (Kenism) of mud. Two car parking areas and plenty of street parking availability.


As previously recognised by none other than Scribbler, this is a proper pub. Situated as it is, a little off the main drag, it is rarely short of punters and quite rightly so. Well respected for decent grub at sensible prices, well kept ales and those most wonderful of things - beer festivals, it seems to continue to flourish. A secret worth keeping. 


No. Date Hare Details
117505/03/13Rocky Road
104019/10/10Rocky Road & Dave