Chip Advisor

The Harte & Magpies


Chip advice dated: 24 October 2017 - Hash #no 1426

Up down pub ranking

It says outside that it is "An Alehouse", I know it does. Inside a measly two on offer - Chiltern Ale, their cooking beer. Well kept, good flavour but only 3.7%. Also, Rebellion Smuggler. Better ABV at 4.2%, seemingly well kept but cold, possibly to disguise the usual Rebellion twang.
Not beer:
L & S priced at a fairly weighty £2 a pint with cola coming in at £2.50 which seems about average for that particular concoction. As usual, our choccy expert Aud sampled this and pronounced it to be fair but not top of the tree.
A solid showing. Very decent quantities of well cooked, tasty spud bits, well supported by a plentiful supply of condiments. Mr. Chips, back from the U.S. of A kept quiet whilst turning the usual chip hoover to maximum.
Instructions to park at the far end of the car park were followed, this to allow room for a surfiet of customers which, I believe, numbered six! However, a welcoming venue with a pleasant, warm interior and decent service.


The Harte & Magpies is situated next to the HST (high speed traffic) route between Beaky & Amersham on which passing the pub at less than 65 is seen as being positively wimpish. It is an old establishment, well thought of for a good blow out at reasonable prices and frequent host to car clubs, ramblers parties & live bands. Boasting old pews, booths and snug corners it is most welcoming. Don't, however, look at the Christmas menu without prior reference to your cash forecast! 


No. Date Hare Details
152220/08/19Female Prerogative & Lawrence
142624/10/17Sarah & Speedbump
134419/04/16Mr Chips & Judy