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The Crown



Up down pub ranking

The price of soda and lime is: £1.75

Only 2 ales on tap; XT and, whisper it softly, Rebellion, but very reasonably priced at £3.60 and eminently quaffable - that means ‘very drinkable’ by the way. Good job Mick wasn’t here - he would never have let up about the lack of strong, manly ales, plus the mere presence of Rebellion tends to get him all revved up - it’s not good for his heart you know?!
Not beer:
£1.75 for a L&S which is edging towards the pricier end. Didn’t catch the other softs, but would imagine they were similarly taxing on the hard cash front
We’re on a great run at present, after Alex’s Aussie surf & turf extravaganza last week, we were treated to Aud’s potato-fest this week. Granted the bowls were a tad smaller (‘dainty’ is how I’d like to think of them), but the chips were proper French fries-sized and beautifully cooked; i.e. not microwaved potato logs. To be honest, I was wavering towards a ’10’….but no, upon reflection a very strong ‘9’ is probably the fair result.
Plenty of parking out back, on the grass next to the ‘rustic’ log cabins, and despite a slightly portakabin feel to the pub, a very warm welcome inside. Not well-set up for bigger groups though, being a small village pub with all the beer at one end of the bar (where the regulars were sat - they always know best, eh?!), necessitating a very long English queueing system which almost reached to the lavs. Luckily, the flashing light brigade left quite early, so we ended up with the pub virtually to ourselves. Hence, it wouldn’t have mattered if Roger (who was absent) had commandeered the stage for his Tosca speech, since nobody else would have been listening. Come to think of it, very few of the hash would have been listening either…..



A local’s local - judging by the pictures on the walls, it helps if you like football, shooting, and tractors - with very few frills, but what it did, it did very well. Namely chips and beer.


Overheard on the hash (4th Oct 2016) 

“Let’s hope you don’t bump into the guy I came across today in the woods - he gave me the willies” / “Was that the proverbial willies, or the real-life version?” / “Well, I didn’t stop to look too closely….” [Aud finds that a bag of flour can be strangely alluring for some men….]

“So, is this the longest hill in all of Buckinghamshire?”  [panting hasher] / “I’d say the whole of England myself” [another panting hasher] / “Wonder what pissed Aud off so much?” / “Maybe she was running away from the proverbial willies…..?”

“Ouch - this is real ankle biter territory!”  [Matt, before promptly going over on his ankle in a chasm-sized rut]

“ONE BLOB !!!” / “Ah, we don’t do that here on the HWH3 hash - that just means you’re ‘on’” / “Oh, that’s a shame -  I’m not usually at the front so it was the first one I’d found for a while” / “Well, if you want to run on ahead, you’ll find another one soon, so you can always should ‘TWO BLOBS’ if you want?!”  [a newcomer to HWH3 receives some gentle instruction]

“Where’s the flour then Aud?” / “Look, it’s there - underneath that car” / “How the hell did you get it there? “ / “Well, a car must have parked over it” / “Hmm, either that or you were hiding under a car in what is a well-known dogging spot….” / “My lips are sealed…..but it did have quite a springy suspension!” [Aud fails to convince the hash about her mechanical voyeuristic tendencies]

“It’s Ian! Didn’t see you at the start this evening” / “Hang on a second whilst I just pop my lung back in” [Ian enjoys the fun of playing catch-up with the hash]

“Mind my hole!” [Nikki’s suddenly finds out she has a hole in her running tights whilst at the bar….to the consternation of the locals]

“Is Hawkeye really wearing double denim?” / “No, surely not, that look went out years ago” / “Well, he does bear more than a passing resemblance to a Status Quo roadie” / “He’s off to Poland tomorrow though - maybe he’s going to cover it up with a shell suit on top”  [Unbeknownst to Hawkeye, he is the topic of much amusement]

“Wasn’t this evening meant to be Kerry’s training run for that 10km?” / “When is her 10km race?” / On Sunday, in Munich” / “Hmm, not going to happen really, is it?”


No. Date Hare Details
144820/03/18Truly Scrumptious
136904/10/16Truly Scrumptious
133915/03/16Keyboard Ken
130901/09/15Truly Scrumptious
123806/05/14Dashwood Dick