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The Dashwood Arms



Up down pub ranking

The price of soda and lime is: £1.30

Never mind a riot, I believe there's gonna be a rebellion. Three ales on offer from this commercially aware but, in my view, mediocre brewery plus Blandbar (Doombar). Pleasantly surprised, however, by the Excalibur which was a decent drop.
Not beer:
Very much a swings and roundabouts affair. L & S quaffers pretty happy with the £1.30 for a proper sized glass but cola fans a little less so at shelling out £2.70 for a pint of pump fizz.
Cracking chippings, although a supply of gauze and plasters could have been handy as they were hot, hot, hot. Apart from the blistered fingers, they were truly yummy and plentiful. Backed up by a large offering of chicken thingys. What about the veggies one asks?
As the boozer was loaded, both with the Piddington Chapter of the Hell's Angels together with a bunch of weird looking people playing a weird looking game, our assembled masses were scattered about amongst the still available seating areas which didn't allow for the usual apres hash banter. Mr. Chips too near the kitchen for supplies to easily reach the far flung.


The Dashwood Arms, which has in the past flirted with the threat of closure, now appears to be awash with punters of various persuasions. Takings supplemented by bike and scooter meets, music nights of varying types and qualities, jumble sales, car boots, and just about every other way of extracting a coin from the unsuspecting public. 


No. Date Hare Details
142019/09/17Truly Scrumptious
St Valentine's Day Fancy Dress run
125716/09/14Dick Dastardly
116518/12/12Truly Scrumptious & Kezzer
105028/12/10Dick Dastardly