Chip Advisor

The Wheel


Chip advice dated: 24 April 2018 - Hash #no 1453

Up down pub ranking

The sad demise of GK's very satisfying IPA Reserve was in the main made up for by Tring's Colley's Dog. Don't know who the dog is/was but it sure wagged my tail. Also on offer Hog's Back T.E.A, Hardy & Hanson's Olde Trip and Kimberley Bitter. All well kept and decently priced.
Not beer:
The L & S at £1.60 a pint might not float your boat but ain't highway robbery either. Cola in a can at £1.50 a go so a smidge over two coins of the realm for a pint of the fizzy stuff. End of term report - fair showing but could do better.
As with previous excursions to The Wheel, a substantial supply of tasty chips issued forth from the kitchen accompanied by enough bread & spread to make Fearnley Whittingstall choke on his kale and bean burger. Calorie counter spinning alarmingly but what the hell.
A true headquarters feel to this cracking venue with the snug back room restaurant area reserved for unwinding and recovering aided and abetted by much bonhomie and very few steps necessary to reach the bar for essential reflation. Superb!


When The Wheel hoves into view, an immediate uplift to ones spirits occurs. This remains one of the best boozers on the Hash circuit, an unfussy, welcoming pub where proper values of right good ale & heavy handedness with the repast exist much to the continued delight of it's customers. Long may it continue to flourish. 


No. Date Hare Details
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116013/11/12Dashwood Dick