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The Lions of Bledlow



Up down pub ranking

A good selection of ales including Bishop's Tipple from Gibbs Mew (used to be rocket fuel at 6.6%), Umbel Ale from Nethergate, Abingdon Bridge from the Loose Cannon brewery and another whose name and origins escape me as the barmaid I spoke to sounds like she's from Muckle Flugga.
Not beer:
With nout on draught, bottles of soft were on offer. Ken blanched at £2.80 for a slug of coke whilst Sarah resorted to opting for tap water after ascertaining that it would take a trip to the local cash point to buy her chosen refreshments. Aud paid about £3 odd for hot choc but did say that it was yummins..
Loads of crisp,thick chippings with yummy (some say) mayo. If Trump is looking for building materials for his Mexican wall, he could do worse than get a boat load of these to make a start on it, presumably with Mexican Des strenuously trying to hinder progress.
A welcoming open fire and helpful bar staff, these presumably having plenty of time on their hands given only two locals were in.


The Lions is another beam ridden 16th century hostelry located, almost as an afterthought, on the outskirts of sleepy Bledlow, handily placed for walking and possibly other car park based recreations. Featuring more than once in Midsomer Murders, could it be that it was chosen to star on the basis of "murdering" it's customers with it's soft drink prices? 


No. Date Hare Details
124127/05/14Kezzer & Kamikaze
109213/09/11Dashwood Dick