Chip Advisor

The Lions of Bledlow


Chip advice dated: 11 September 2018 - Hash #no 1473

Up down pub ranking

One ale for the lightweights - Young's Best but four crackers for those with a taste for something of a more satisfying percentage. On tap , Starry Nights from Malt, No.17 from XT, Old Hooky from Hook Norton (Yum!!) and Tring's oddly named Squadron Scramble, presumably this in reference to the Battle of Britain anniversary. All excellent.
Not beer:
Lime & Soda, that staple Hash thirst quencher for the softies, not in any way, shape or form cheap at £2 a pint. Cola at the now usual £3 and this, once again, out of the mixer gun which, given the price, is a good name for it!
A steady stream of large bowls of proper sized and right tasty chips emanated from the kitchen. The landlord said that they were good 'uns and he was not wrong. Plenty of condiments to further tickle the pleasure buds. Cakes also to add to the calorific intake which probably far outweighed those lost on the run.
A proper country inn. Flagstone floors, beams, pew type seating to worship the ale on, dog friendly, muddy boot friendly, open fireplaces, a substantial car park and good service from the Eastern European bar staff. Probably a good place to unload your Polish Zloty's.


Walking or driving through the village one gradually gets a sinking feeling that it is one of those awful "dry" places where humourless local do-gooders have managed to close down anything remotely pleasurable. Then, as the end of the housing is in sight and all hope appears lost, the Lions hoves into view like a shining beer beacon. Ones step quickens or accelerator pedal gets a bootful. This 16th century hostelry, featuring like many others in Midsomer Murders, looks down on Chinnor and the Oxford Plain with the knowledge that it is the only watering hole in town and a right good one at that.   


No. Date Hare Details
154918/02/20Dashwood Dick
147311/09/18Truly Scrumptious & Waldorf
Barney's Silver Jubilee
124127/05/14Kezzer & Kamikaze
109213/09/11Dashwood Dick