Chip Advisor

The Harrow

Hughenden Valley


Up down pub ranking

GOOD: Pride at £3.50 was pronounced ‘excellent’, Courage similar price but wasn’t sampled by anybody….mainly ‘cos there was surfeit of girly lagers being consumed (apparently Wimbledon rules apply, and it’s OK to do so if it’s over 30 degrees). NOT SO GOOD: Limited range of beers (only Pride & Courage), and French ‘girly’ lager Kronenberg came in at a rather ‘je ne satis quoi’ £4.20
Not beer:
£1.20 STD which was ice-y and lime-y, “a very pleasant change from all the recent rip-off’s” intoned Nikki rather sternly between mouthfuls of chips (see ‘Food’ below). For one, Audrey forsook her traditional hot chocolate (can’t think why), and no diet cokes were visible (‘but I’m sure they would have been good anyway’ - Audrey), so on the whole a very impressive performance.
Mike was beaten for the 2nd week in a row! Huge buckets of chips, salt & vinegar, lots of sauces (ketchup, mayo), & paper plates for the congniscenti. To be fair, Sarah did remove the bucket from under his face, but it wasn’t clear at the time whether Mike had collapsed into it, or was just using the most efficient way of shovelling ‘em in!
Plenty of parking (even after we’d commandeered the verge), pleasant inside, even more pleasant outside in an expansive sun trap of a garden with beautiful views to the countryside beyond. Accommodating landlady and dogs amply catered for, indeed positively welcomed (here, Helen is simply known as ‘Poppy’s Mum’) all adds up to an great ‘Hash-mosphere’.


Hummery: A perfect summer’s evening hashing pub, with everything super-sized - the portions, the gardens, and the surrounding hills.

Overheard on the hash (30th June 2015)

“Where do I park then?” [Nikki winds down the window on her convertible…with the roof already down!]

“It does happen every evening you know” [Ian not overly concerned about the glorious sunset]

“So if we catch the Shorts, can we skin ‘em?” [Matt R enters into the spirit of the Fox ’n Hounds]

 “It’s never a good sign when I see Matt standing by a style” “Yup, I’m the grim reaper of the Hash where cows are concerned” “So you could be Jo’s cowboy then? [The Matts & Jo on cows]

“That one’s looking at me….HE’S REALLY LOOKING AT ME!” “Don’t worry, if necessary, we’ll sacrifice Hawkeye” “I could just roll him down the hill if you like, take out a few moos on the way?” “He’d be fine - he’s got a bionic leg you know?” [The Hash continues to chew the cud]

 “Are we at T2 yet?” “We haven’t even reached T1” “Bugger!”  [Hawkeye’s GPS continues to play up]

“Nice of you to bring Rose out on her b-day Gerry” “It’s alright, I’ve bought her a coffee”  [Chivalry?] 

“This was a ‘y’ hash?””Do you mean ‘y’ did I come out tonight?””No, well it was hill-y, long-y, chipp-y, and now Sandra’s brought her broccol-i” [just go with the ‘y’ theme, eh?!]

“I hope those cows over there aren’t lively” “It’s OK, they’re very chilled” “How do you know from way over here?” ‘’Cos they’re the Beechdean ice-cream dairy cows” [Matt continues talking cow/bullsh*t]


No. Date Hare Details
147021/08/18Scribbler & Flamey Bearcat
Murder Mystery Hash #2
146624/07/18Helles Belles & Ron
111524/01/12Helles Belles
107828/06/11Truly Scrumptious
103805/10/10Whipping Boy