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[Mick] Only two on offer, Rebellion Insipid Puny Ale and Doombar. The latter seemed to me to have been treated to the addition of some H2O which could have accounted for the very cheap £3.20 a pint price tag.[Matt] On the plus side it was priced OK, but on the downside there were only 2 ales, and one of those was Rebellion, which upset the beer grinches amongst us (looking at Mick here, given Hawkeye’s absence!)
Not beer:
[Mick] Regrettably, having failed to find out the asking price for the L & S, the fall back position is the coke which was £1.70 a half or a bloomin dear £3.40 a pint. Hot chocolate, declared "good" by Paul at £2.50 which I guess ain't too bad.[Matt] Didn’t catch the L&S score but did get stuck behind Paul in the bar queue when he asked for a hot chocolate which registered a change in emotion in the (hitherto) emotionless Eastern European barman….probably because he had no ideas which buttons to press on the choc/coffee/tea machine. In the end, I pulled rank and pushed in front of Paul, arguing that a pub’s duty was to serve drinking customers first….I think Paul did get his hot chocolate eventually….sorry! So basically, as you can probably tell from my ramblings, I haven’t really got a clue on the softs - let’s call it ‘6’ and be done with it, OK?
[Mick] A decent supply of jumbo sized, well cooked chips which were at a perfect temperature for filling ones face. A plentiful supply of sachet sauces to accompany and no Hash Gannet to rapidly deplete the stocks. [Matt] Now, here’s where the Fox excelled itself. Granted, as Ken admitted afterwards, it could have had something to do with Ken pre-ordering chips for 40 people (16 of us turned up!), but it was basically a bowl each and no Mike… it really was a bowl each. Condiments were in those annoying little sachets so you had to wade through Mint Sauce, Tartar Sauce, English Mustard….etc, just to find a smidge of vinegar, but that was only the gripe anybody had….we were all too busy stuffing our faces to care!
[Mick] A very festive and welcoming external light display, this followed by some nice bits and bobs inside, were somewhat let down by the dead zone known as the bar. No customers, no enthusiasm from the Eastern European staff. A bit like accidentally wandering into somebody's wake. [Matt] Like the unholy love child between a Bernie Inn and a fake inglenook fireplace. The bar was festooned with bright fairy lights and tinsel (ugh!) and presided over by a member of the Soviet Speznatz special forces (or maybe a security guard from the nearby Getty Estate?), who dispensed beer and good cheer in roughly the same quantities. Away from the (actually quite nice) bar area, we basically had the pub to ourselves, so Roger barely had to raise his voice (although he did anyway) and was able to promise free pannatone on New Year's Day for everybody in the pub (i.e 16 hashers and a grumpy barman).


The Fox, a "Country Hotel" in the relative middle of nowhere between Stokey and the Hambledon Valley. It's reputation sways between good and terrible in equal measure with tales of deep misunderstandings by the Ukrainian staff regarding those English classics such as gravy and per Sarah, cranberry sauce. Perhaps best to arrive in a Lada and fur hat.


No. Date Hare Details
138127/12/16Keyboard Ken
125502/09/14Keyboard Ken