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The Fox



Up down pub ranking

Doombar : Lukewarm & tasted of soap suds. Could have been used to wash ones smalls out. Rebellion Blonde : Not on a hand pump. Lovely & clear look to it but completely tasteless and as thin as a Buddhist monk on a diet! Both awful possibly not helped by the temperature.Only redemption was the £3.50 price tag.
Not beer:
As in Carry on Camping, where everything cost a pound, it seems that the brown gassy stuff has assumed a standard price also although this is £3 a pint. Lemonade similar ticket. No lime available so a hint of blackcurrant added to soda for a pretty unreasonable £2.
The real deal. Hunky, chunky, hot but not nuked and delivered in proper sized dishes - what do you think Churchy ... Oh Yeeeessss! Another plus as the combination locked sachets were soon replaced by substantial bowls of ketchup. No double dipping now!!
Half the Hash in the so called "country style" bar, which was not unpleasant, the other half on the limited outside seating or standing contemplating Maggie's mislaid sock resplendent as it was in the car park, this designed to limit motorised customers .


In a location specifically designed to make survival difficult in today's world of take away catering, getting blotto at home on cheap supermarket tinnies, boozers closing, pre Brexit blues, cuts, Trump mania/phobia, the Fox still clings on. A revolving door of ownerships - the Russian Mafia seem to have departed, they exist in spite of a remarkably equal split of excellent & terrible ratings on social media.   


No. Date Hare Details
150019/03/19Keyboard Ken
138127/12/16Keyboard Ken
125502/09/14Keyboard Ken