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The Hampden Arms

Great Hampden


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A small but perfectly-formed range comprising 2 ales - Rebellion IPA and Beechwood from the Chiltern Brewery (£3.60).
Not beer:
£1.60 L&S and no howls heard from the rest of the soft drinks brigade. Mind you, given that Hawkeye was still wearing the werewolf mask, any such howls would have been easily drowned out!
Maybe it was the freezing night outside, but these were veritable little nuggets of warmth and happiness to come back home to. Sod any allegations of double dipping, we're hashers so we're 'ard like that, and hence the 2 industrial-sized bowls of mayo and ketchup were soon demolished along with the chip platters. Sorted.
A roaring fire in a living room, albeit one filled with pub tables & chairs - that's about the essence of The Hampden Arms. Plenty of parking outside, nuts & olives on the bar, and hounds more than welcome...the only issue being no nooks & crannies to escape Roger's post-hash speech!


A house in the middle of nowhere. Or a haven in the middle somewhere. It all depends upon your perspective really...but as hashers who flock like moths to the nearest light (ale), we just like good beer served in a friendly environment. And The Hampden Arms has this in spades

According to the website, there is a Greek dining theme going on here, but unless there was a kalamare or two hidden under the chips, it wasn't immediately evident. However, in terms of 'welcomeness', The Hampden Arms is exceedingly friendly, especially when 40 or so hashers in Halloween fancy dress descend upon your front room and the locals don't even 'bat' an eyelid. 


No. Date Hare Details
Pub of the Year 2018
137301/11/16Rocky Road & Dave
Fancy Dress Hallowe'en Run
129128/04/15Dashwood Dick & Muttley
122001/01/14General Menace
New Year's Day Hash
119309/07/13Helles Belles & Ron
117105/02/13Doormat & Happy Feet
107905/07/11Whipping Boy