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The Mayflower



Up down pub ranking

The price of soda and lime is: £0.50

Doomed, we're all doomed - well Doombar-ed anyway. The pretty sad sight of two of the three ales on offer being puny IPA's from GK & Rebellion respectively. Only half decent pint being the fairly bland Sharp's offering albeit at a reasonable £3.60 a bung.
Not beer:
The unsettling experience of Scribbler buying, and even drinking, L & Soda which was heapy cheapy at 50p a pint. After calming down, an inquiry about the cola yielded a price tag of a not so good, but just acceptable £2.85. No chocaholic to comment but this similarly £2.85.
Decent sized bowls of pretty tasty chippings. They were a touch off hot, possibly due to kitchen lingering which, on a positive note, aided shovelling them into ones gob. Accompanied by plenty of condiments, all in all a pretty good antidote to the appalling weather.
With the only other customers departing before the soggy arrival of our numbers the way was clear for total occupation of the bar. Moderne in style with plenty of seating and room for the GM's increasingly rambling Magneto presentation, a reasonable venue.


Along Wycombe's somewhat shorter but similarly straight answer to Watling Street, the only feature of interest apart from the rocky road manufacturing facility is The Mayflower. A so called "family pub" it is neat, tidy and possesses a decent car park and laudable porcelain shops. Lacking in any character or real identity however, it remains a stop over for a quickie (beer that is!) rather than somewhere to set the pulses racing at the prospect of visiting. 


No. Date Hare Details
143702/01/18Rocky Road & Fair-weather
126428/10/14Chicken Licken
Halloween Fancy Dress Run
122107/01/14Rocky Road & Dave
106422/03/11Rocky Road