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The Mayflower



Up down pub ranking

Two and a half ales on offer. Pride, 6X and Rebellion IPA which in my book only counts as a half proper ale! The combined judging team of Whipping Boy, Scribbler, Barney and yours truly found both the Pride and 6X bland and lacking in flavour which was disappointing.
Not beer:
The L & S, as previously, was a most reasonable 50p for a half/pint. That's the good news. The cola, straight out of the fizz pump, was a pretty steamy £2.85, that's the bad news. Makes one wonder whether a relative of the Kray Twins is running the powdered cola plant! Nice hot choc machine, don't know what it was like but also £2.85.
A decision to take up station in front of the tellie to watch the denouement of the footie resulted in our tables getting only the benefit of one medium bowl of chunky but luke warm chips. Upon discovering that a surfeit of grub had been chomped by the rest of the team, it felt like when your next door neighbours have won the lottery whilst you have found a mucky 50p. Marking by Mr.Chips
Decent service in the clean & modern "open barn" style interior with plenty of seating and fair parking available both on and adjacent to the venue. A good settling point given the large turnout though this is a pub probably more geared towards the sports & alcopop brigade.


Along Wycombe's somewhat shorter but similarly straight answer to Watling Street, the only feature of interest apart from the rocky road manufacturing facility is The Mayflower. A so called "family pub" with an inviting kerbside presence and expensive looking toilets, it is lacking in character or real identity however. It remains a stop over for a quickie (beer that is!) rather than somewhere to set the pulses racing at the prospect of visiting. 


No. Date Hare Details
145401/05/18Budgie & Pink Panter
143702/01/18Rocky Road & Fair-weather
126428/10/14Chicken Licken
Halloween Fancy Dress Run
122107/01/14Rocky Road & Dave
106422/03/11Rocky Road