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The Marlow Donkey



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GK's usual offerings of Abbott & IPA on tap supplemented by a nice drop of Tim Taylor's Landlord and Pennine Brewery's Howzat which was most refreshing on a warm evening. At £3.70 a pot, well enjoyed.
Not beer:
With L & S at £1.60 and cola at £2.50, perhaps a tad on the pricey side but no complaints from the "softies". Also Mango cider on offer which was a bit strange and, at £4.80 a pint, had Rob weeping softly at his minimal change from a plastic fiver.
With doorstep sized white bread and comfortingly large bowls of blisteringly hot chips, the HWH3 butty manufacturing soon went to work. Having gazed in anguish as the waitress whipped away our bowl which still had a chip in it, relief and joy as another bowl magically appeared.
A nice corner secured by our Hare(s) in a good location well placed for the facilities and not too far from the bar as to bring on a nervous twitch. All in all a most convivial evening in good company - well enjoyed.


The ivy clad Marlow Donkey is well known locally, both for its ability to provide decent scoff at reasonable prices and also for it's car park which is both small and laid out so as to defeat many an unsuspecting punter trying to park without blocking someone in. Far enough away from the busy High Street to calm one, it is very handily placed for the station to allow the satiated toper to stagger off and train it to all points east.


No. Date Hare Details
pub tbc
141729/08/17Fat Boy & Sooper
129602/06/15Kezzer & Kamikaze
25th Wedding Anniversary Run
104814/12/10Truly Scrumptious