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The Beech Tree



Up down pub ranking

The price of soda and lime is: £0.50

"What beers do you have?" "Oh, we've got all these [gestures expansively along the bar to Fosters, Kronenberg, Strongbow...etc]" "Sorry, I meant beer, not lager" "Oh, in that case, I think we've got a Bombardier on tap". It looked cold and cloudy, so I gave it a miss, but Rose pronounced it 'sharp', hence I don't think it received the universal thumbs up. Didn't hear the prices, but rounds sounded average to slightly cheaper.
Not beer:
I must admit, it was a most excellent L&S, very limey, ice according to taste and full to the top of a pint glass, along with Jo's requisite swizzle stick. It was hot and sticky outside, so this went down a treat inside. Top marks!
Good sized bowls and decent chips, although our table suffered from having 'Grabhand' Mike hovering nearby, who polished off most of our lot before moving onto Judy's table to demolish theirs. Still, managed to get a few down us first, which must mean that the portions were generous.
It's a funny pub this one - hidden in plain view just off the A404 with an attractive rolling front garden, but with everything squeezed to the back - the parking and the seating. There is only a tiny front-facing bar at with one barmaid serving, so the drinks queue was literally out of the door. Plenty of room out back in the long dining room and cavernous conservatory, but not very pub-like or cosy.


All the character is on the outside of this pub, with decent kerb appeal and an attractive beer garden out front. Inside, it's a posh tradesman's venue, with a snug drinking area and all the fizzy lager you could ever wish for, along with a cavernous rear, devoid of atmosphere and designed only for industrialised eating. 


No. Date Hare Details
145217/04/18Chicken Licken & Glenn-fiddich
136406/09/16Chicken Licken
133623/02/16Chicken Licken
101320/04/10Chicken Licken