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The Beech Tree



Up down pub ranking

Another landlord who can't count past two. just Tribute, a rather decent quaff, and Charlie Wells Bombardier on offer. C.Wells, a Bedfordshire brewer, thus from the county where turnips and mangle worsels are more important than beer as evidenced by some of their products and particularly Young's which has never been the same since production was relocated to yokel land.
Not beer:
L & S at 50p a pint (or half) - yippee! Cola and lemonade at £2.85 a pint - Grrrr. The goodwill gained by the correctly cheap fizzy water with a wave of watered down lime juice was quickly thrown away by the daylight robbery exhibited by the sky high prices for the other softs, Another pocket, or purse, emptying excercise for the unsuspecting public - outrageous.
Never mind a finger in the dyke to stop a leak, these mighty large chippings were of such a robust size that the Dutch youth wouldn't have had a look in had they been available. Good temperature for loading into ones cakehole, well supported by onion rings and chicken bits and with plenty of ketchup. Yummy,Scrummy!
Not offered the large but fairly bland back parlour so we were positioned in one end of the bar area. Reasonable amount of seating, no decor to frighten the life out of the average punter, or even our very own "Transneto" who is looking decidedly iffy and who must have other customers wondering what is going on or heading for the exit door in haste.


All fur coat and no knickers, an expression which could, in past times, have applied perfectly to The Beech Tree. With kerb appeal enhanced by a pleasant location, it used to be a considerable let down once the motor had been parked and one had strode enthusiastically into the bar to be greeted by a declaration that they only had one Scottish ale of dubious parentage and little in the way of other sustenance of a liquid kind. Few customers and even less atmosphere completed matters. However, things have markedly improved and with great grub and two recognisable ales, they are hopefully on an upward curve. 


No. Date Hare Details
145217/04/18Chicken Licken & Glenn-fiddich
Heisenberg’s Hash
136406/09/16Chicken Licken
133623/02/16Chicken Licken
101320/04/10Chicken Licken