Restarting the Hash

We've been working on ways to restart the hash in a safe form.

Things to consider:

  • Maximum number of people in a group is 6, with an exception if 2 households are together.
  • Social distancing of 2m with an exceptions for a household or support bubble.

The proposal is that a trail is laid such that it can be run at your convenience any time after 12:00 on a Tuesday afternoon.

You turn up, in groups of your own choosing, to run the trail in your own time, but observing social distancing rules/conventions/law.

There is a hare, as usual, who both chooses the start point and lays a trail. I suggest that the trail is no more than 4 miles to begin with, until we see how things work out.

Also, when choosing a route, we should try and minimise the number of pinch points, which is where the trail becomes narrow, to limit problems passing other walkers/runners.

The distance between a check and the first trail mark should not exceed 40m. This is shorter than usual, intended to avoid a log jam at that point and make it easier for small groups to check.

The variations to the normal hash are:

  • We run in groups that do not exceed 6 people, with a minimum of 2 (for safety).
  • At least one person within a group should carry a phone.
  • Social distancing applies within a group.
  • A route map will be made available via this website.
  • Do not kick the checks through as this will spoil it for those following on.
  • To keep a group together, each group should treat a check as an on-back. Depending on the terrain, this could mean running to the back of your group, or performing a static version. Whatever you decide, you should not leave a check unless your group is complete.
  • If it happens that two, or more groups, want to start at the same time either: Form a larger group up to the maximum of 6, or: Let the faster group go first, and delay the start of the later group for 3 or 4 minutes. This will minimise the impact on anyone else on the trail.
  • Groups should not pass each other. If you are getting close to the group ahead, perform a dynamic or static on-back.
  • As pubs are not appropriate venues at the moment, we should consider running from a car park (public or private, if appropriate) that will accommodate us and other users, both for parking and for afters. We should each bring our own refreshments and seating/tables/beds/whatever. Where a pub is listed as the location for a run you should assume that the landlord is not expecting us and you should not use their car park.
  • As we will not be running as a group, I think we should continue with the V-hash on Tuesday night, when you can provide feedback on the experiment, or experience.

 Chiltern AONB have published a list of trails that minimise pinch points. (thanks WB). [hey - I built that website - sooper.]
It would be useful to create a list/map of sites that people think could be used as parking/start/picnic areas.

The question has been asked about children. I think that until England follows Scotland, a child should count as one person.